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23 September 2014
Reformulation not a straight-forward solution to UK obesity

New research from AB Sugar reveals that the UK’s health-conscious consumers may unknowingly be increasing their calorie consumption by actively choosing low-sugar or low-fat products.

    17 September 2014
    Making Sense of Sugar Campaign Launched By AB Sugar

    As the obesity debate continues to capture the nation’s attention, a new campaign launches today, Making Sense of Sugar, to help inform and educate people about sugar, the role it can play as part of a healthy balanced diet, and to help people to make better informed choices about what they consume.

      18 August 2014
      Careless eating costs lives

      Nothing less than a cross-sector 5-10 year strategy is required to tackle the obesity crisis, according to a new report by 2020health.

      Careless eating costs lives – press release