Posted 07 August 2015

Making Sense of Sugar

Do you fear the dreaded school lunchbox? You are not alone! Lunchboxes can be a challenge for parents, with so much advice out there on what children can and can’t eat and drink, whilst trying to keep the lunchbox fun. We wanted to help, so this week we hosted our first interactive blogger event; focusing on the common frustrations and misconceptions faced when preparing lunchboxes, as well as sharing helpful tips to take some of the pain away.

The event, hosted by Making Sense of Sugar, saw Paediatric Dietitian Ana-Kristina Skrapac and Chef Manju Malhi discuss with some of the leading parent bloggers the issues they face when they have to put together their children’s lunchbox.

It seems parents feel they are all in the same boat! It was really interesting to see and hear first-hand the struggles faced by many parents today; providing children with variety, food safety concerns, food fads and preferences, dealing with fussy eaters and understanding portion sizes.

Ana-Kristina walked through and brainstormed answers to some of these common topics; tackling portion control and what is a balanced diet using the Government’s Eatwell plate*, understanding frequency and times of day to eat to achieve a varied diet and improve dental care, what sugars are and where they can be found in foods using food labelling to tackle myths around ‘hidden’ sugars. It was also really interesting to hear Ana-Kristina tackle the often tricky subject of treats – making the distinction between ‘sometimes’ foods and ‘everyday’ foods. We touched on it all!


Our bloggers then got their hands dirty and learnt how to make Manju’s Garden Chicken wrap, a great recipe for any lunchbox and one that’s fun to make with your children, as well as hearing ideas on other lunchbox recipes and ways to introduce different foods and drinks into the lunchbox. We also looked at the way flavourings and presentation can be attractive to children to encourage them trying new foods and drinks.


We loved hearing from our bloggers and we hope they felt that the information received from Ana-Kristina and Manju was as invaluable as we think it is.  They certainly left happy with new lunchboxes in hand and recipe cards to give them inspiration. Do stay tuned, as we update our website where we will have a look at the key takeaways from this event over the coming weeks.

*The Eatwell Plate was updated to the The Eatwell Guide March 2016.