It’s a family affair…

Posted 10 February 2016

Getting a balanced diet and lifestyle for the family can be a challenge, especially for some when it comes to knowing what’s right and wrong for children.

There’s so much information out there that we at Making Sense of Sugar wanted to help provide some facts that could help you make decisions, especially around sugars.

To start, why not look at some of your children’s favourite foods and drinks? With our guide you can find out more about the calorie content and where the sugars typically come from in some of your children’s favourites. Our guide can also help with meal planning, not only for the children but for the rest of the family too.

For those who have to make lunchboxes for children everyday it can be a real challenge – you want children to have healthy foods and drinks but also ensure they enjoy their meal. It can be hard to add some fun to a lunchbox! We worked with Paediatric Dietitian Ana-Kristina Skrapac and well-known chef Manju Malhi who came up with some great recipes to liven up any lunchbox. You can try them for yourself – watch our videos here.

It’s not just all about what we eat though; an important part of maintaining a balanced lifestyle is getting active. This can be easier said than done. We have a range of family friendly apps that can help you and your family get out and about –with apps focusing on fun indoor and outdoor activities. Why not go for a family swim or track the calories you have burnt on a walk, you could even make an indoor obstacle course.

We hope the above information will help. Why not put it to the test with our all about children quiz? See how much you know about what they are eating and the activities they are doing.

We love to hear any feedback, so please contact us on Twitter @senseofsugar with any questions or thoughts.

The Making Sense of Sugar team