BNF Healthy Eating Week 2016

Posted 06 June 2016

Roy Ballam Managing Director and Head of Education BNF

Let’s positively change children’s behaviour

Across the UK, school children will be taking part in the British Nutrition Foundation’s (BNF) Healthy Eating Week 2016, from 13 – 17 June. The concept behind this Week is to encourage healthier choices, through fun and relevant activities, which engage with children and young people about health and physical activity. The Week focuses on building children’s knowledge about healthy eating and wellbeing, and on making positive changes in behaviour and attitudes towards food, cooking and exercise.

Last year’s Healthy Eating Week was the most successful to date with over 7,500 nurseries, schools and academies taking part This year we want to take our impact a stage further and have included the behaviour change techniques to help children make lasting changes in their behaviour that will impact their health into the future.

So, what’s happening?

Schools will receive a range of free resources, including posters, activity ideas, planners and certificates – all helping to make the Week their own. In addition, we’ve an extra special competition this year with some fantastic prizes – but you need to be registered to find out more!

To really get schools motivated, we’ve set five health challenges: Have Breakfast, Have 5 A Day, Drink plenty, Get active and Try something new (such as a drink, food or visit/experience). We’ve a range of engaged challenge activities which have been linked to using four practical behaviour change techniques. The aim is to make and maintain positive behaviour changes as part of the challenges, which include:

  • Targets – setting goals and tracking progress
  • Buddies – using support and help from friends and family
  • Nudges – making small changes to surrounding environments to encourage healthier choices
  • Rewards – materials or social incentives for achievements

The Week will also feature online live cook-a-longs and pre-scheduled recipe demonstrations for children to participate in, including ‘sensational sandwiches’ for primary school pupils and ‘burger bonanza’ for secondary school students, to inspire a love for cooking.

Is it just for schools?

No! This year we’ve opened up the week and its resources to support health and wellbeing in the work place. There’s a variety of materials available and already over 40 organisations big and small have pledged to participate.

There’s still time!

Registration is still open for schools and the work place – just follow the links and get involved!

We do hope you can support and engage – together we can make a difference.

Find out more about the British Nutrition Foundation and its work.

Roy Ballam
Managing Director and Head of Education