Meet the Making Sense of Sugar experts

Posted 04 July 2016

At Making Sense of Sugar, we want to provide you with tips and information that can help you with your everyday choices. To make sure we’re giving you the best advice, we work with a range of experts who are all leading professionals in their fields and can help you achieve a balanced diet and lifestyle for the whole family.

Meet our experts:

  • Dr James Russell – dad and dentist, famous for his work on TV’s Embarrassing Bodies
  • Helen Bond – state registered dietitian and regular contributor to Daily Mail and other media
  • Ana-Kristina Skrapac – pediatric dietitian and contributor to Sky News
  • Manju Malhi – chef and author


Our experts help us with a range of topics, with a particular focus on our everyday food and drink choices. It can be a challenge to achieve a balanced diet for the whole family, but our experts show us how tasks like the weekly shop doesn’t have to be stressful.  In her video series, mum and dietitian Helen Bond talks us through what you need to know about food labelling  and in particular how understanding food labels can help you to make informed choices in the supermarket. Helen also explains the Eatwell Guide, and how it can be a helpful tool when thinking about how to achieve balanced meals for all the family.

If you want advice specifically on your children’s diet, then check out pediatric dietitian Ana-Kristina’s blogs on understanding portion sizes for children and establishing healthy eating patterns.

Feedback from one of our blogger events was that our mum bloggers felt achieving a balanced diet was particularly difficult when it comes to making up lunchboxes, so we asked Ana-Kristina to give us some tips on how to create healthy, balanced and tasty lunchboxes. You can watch Ana-Kristina’s video here. Our chef Manju Malhi also created these lunchbox tasty recipes – great fun to make as a family.

Your diet and dental hygiene habits can also impact your overall dental health, so getting the facts on how to look after your teeth is really important. To help, we have Dr James Russell on hand. We’ve worked with James to create these videos where he tackles common concerns and questions about dental health for the whole family, from taking your child to the dentist to how best to brush your teeth. James has also created these dental quizzes, which are a fun way to test your dental knowledge – why not get the whole family involved?

We have all this and so much more from our experts – so keep exploring our website. We love to hear any feedback, so please contact us on Twitter @senseofsugar with questions, or thoughts on any further content you’d like to see from our experts.

The Making Sense of Sugar team