Get the facts on your foods and drinks

Posted 01 August 2016

Making every day food and drink choices for the family can sometimes be a challenge, especially when there is so much conflicting information in the media about what to do. At Making Sense of Sugar we want to help you have the information you need to make informed choices for you and your family when it comes to mealtimes. To help, we created our Guide to Sugars to make it that bit easier.

There are eight easily navigated sections which contain a variety of some of our most common meal choices; from kids’ favourites like fish fingers, cornflakes and cheese strings to that Saturday night in takeaway.

Our guides give you the facts and explains where the calories and sugars typically come from in your foods and drinks. For example, you’ll find that sugars in cheese strings, and also lattes, are typically lactose – a naturally occurring sugar in the milk that comes straight from the cow. A firm family favourite of spaghetti bolognaise contains 500 calories per serving and of the ‘total sugars’ the majority come from the tomatoes themselves that make up the sauce, with a small amount of sugar added for flavour. If you enjoy your meal with a glass of orange juice, you may be surprised to learn that all of the sugars are naturally occurring from the oranges. There’s so much to find out!

If you want to dig a little deeper into your foods and drinks, we have other useful pages on our website such as understanding calories – an in-depth look at what a calorie actually is. Our all about sugar section gives an introduction to sugar and all the facts you need to know. If it’s labelling that you want more information on then head to dietitian and mum Helen Bond’s video series, where she gives her top tips on how to read and understand the labelling on your foods and drinks.

We love to hear your feedback, so please contact us on Twitter @senseofsugar with questions, or thoughts on any further content you’d like to see.

The Making Sense of Sugar team