Keeping your family on track during the summer holidays

Posted 12 July 2018

As we head into school holidays, many of us are busy planning how we will keep our kids entertained for six whole weeks and desperately hoping that the sun continues to shine. For some of us, it also means an interruption to the daily routine – breakfast a bit later, lunch on the go and snacks to keep them happy until tea time. With all of this, it can be tough keeping track of your family’s diet and lifestyle.

With this in mind, we’ve pulled together lots of advice and tips below which may be useful in the coming weeks…

Healthy balanced diet

When they’re at school, your kids are used to packed lunches or school meals so it’s probably easier to keep track of how much they are eating. If you’re worried your child may be eating too much or too little, here’s some helpful advice from Paediatric Dietitian, Ana-Kristina Skrapac, on how much is enough. Strapped for time? You can get some quick top tips on portion size in this blog or check out our video for what a healthy balanced diet looks like throughout the whole day.

What’s in your summer favourites?

Getting to know the sugars and calories in your foods and drinks is a great way to ensure you and your family have a healthy balanced diet. To get the facts on some of the foods that we all love to eat during the summer, you can head to our Guide to Sugars.

Keeping the kids busy

Looking for ways to keep the kids entertained? It can be tough finding new and exciting ways to keep them occupied during the holidays! Why not make one of our balanced recipes together? Cooking is a fun family activity and can help kids be more aware of the foods they are eating.

If you’re looking to get the kids a little more active, head to our apps page – with everything from Disney-inspired indoor games to workouts you can do as a family.

A day out is lots of fun and is also a great way to get everyone moving, whether it’s a trip to the local swimming pool or visiting a local farm where the kids can play and meet some of the (friendly) animals. Find something your family will enjoy with one of our activity finders – with options for every budget.

Want to hear more?

If you have any questions we’ve not answered, head to our videos page to see if any of our experts can answer them. From calories to labelling and fussy kids, you can also find lots of top tips from our expert blogs. Or, why not test your knowledge with one of our quizzes.

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Wishing you all a great summer break. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the sunshine too!

Making Sense of Sugar team