Cosy nights and winter walks: how to make the most of this time of year

Posted 22 October 2018

Summer already feels like a distant memory now with Halloween and Bonfire Night almost upon us. So what does this mean for what we eat and drink as the seasons change and as the nights draw in, how do we keep active? At Making Sense of Sugar we’ve put together some ideas and tips to hopefully help you.

Saturday night in

Whether you’re a fan of Strictly or X Factor, nothing beats a cosy Saturday night in with family and friends. If you’re tucking into a curry or sharing a pizza, you can get the facts on the sugars and calories typically found in some of your weekend favourites from our Saturday night Guide to Sugars.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than having a glass of wine on the sofa whilst watching your favourite programme or for the kids, enjoying a glass of their favourite soft drink.  But, do you want to know where the sugars come from?  Look no further than our Drinks Guide to Sugars where you can find out where the sugars and calories typically come from in some of your family’s favourite drinks.

For example you may be surprised to find out that there is 5g of sugars per medium glass of wine – but these typically come from the grapes used to make the wine. Or in a glass of ‘no-added’ sugar orange squash, the only sugars are naturally occurring from the oranges used as the drink’s base.

Winter warmers

To find out more about the calories and ‘sugars’ in some of your favourite winter foods we have developed a new Winter Warmers Guide to Sugars. From a classic Sunday roast to a cottage pie, did you know there are sugars in your cottage pie? Most are in the potato topping and vegetable gravy which coats the mince beef.

On cold days when a trip to the park isn’t very appealing you may want to spend time getting the kids involved in cooking some of your meals. Check out our recipes for some tasty ideas – from chicken kormas to homemade pizzas, we’ve got a great selection that will make even the fussiest of little (or big) ones happy.

Keeping moving during autumn

We all know that getting the family off the couch can require a bit more persuasion during the colder months. So to help we’ve compiled a list of the best indoor fitness apps. Why not try a living-room yoga session and find your zen. If the kids want to get involved there are loads of apps that can help – like the Change4Life fun generator which gives you tons of ideas for activities to enjoy as a family.

There’s also still plenty of fun to have outside. Why not grab the hats and gloves and head to a forest near you? With our activity finders, you can find places to visit – check out the Woodland Trust site and discover how your kids can become nature detectives for the day.

We hope this gives you some ideas to create some great family moments this autumn. Don’t forget you can catch up on the latest from us at @senseofsugar.

Making Sense of Sugar team