Obesity: a complex problem

4th November 2015

Nadiya Hussain was recently crowned queen of a relatively new British institution: the Great British Bake-off – and a few weeks later was a star guest at the Women of the Year lunch on Park Lane. Yet in the same week on the other side of Green Park, a key ingredient of her success was

Who exactly becomes obese?

6th October 2015

  Those of you who read my blog yesterday will have heard of the research 2020health is carrying out in order to address one crucial question: ‘Who exactly becomes obese?’  Our research looks across many factors – from age to gender and ethnicity and crime rates and more so we can so we can undertand

Exploring Obesity

5th October 2015

Another day and another report on obesity. Or so it would seem.  National bodies, NGO’s, charities, consultancies and the World Health Organization have all been producing reports for the past couple of decades showing the alarming growth in obesity and saying something must be done. So why are we undertaking more research? Surely the case

Blog series: Understanding portion sizes for children

14th September 2015

Today, let’s take a look at the guidance on what is a portion size for different foods in each food group and how to achieve the right balance between the food groups. The Eatwell Plate* helps to illustrate that proportionally carbohydrate foods are needed in the greatest amount, roughly 1/3 of total energy intake. This

Child obesity in the UK

4th September 2015

Last night TV chef Jamie Oliver’s documentary, ‘Jamie’s Sugar Rush’, aired on Channel 4. Child obesity is a topic that we at Making Sense of Sugar take very seriously. As a parent, you may feel you’re continually bombarded with different advice on what to give your families to eat and drink. At MSoS we share