Who exactly becomes obese?

6th October 2015

  Those of you who read my blog yesterday will have heard of the research 2020health is carrying out in order to address one crucial question: ‘Who exactly becomes obese?’  Our research looks across many factors – from age to gender and ethnicity and crime rates and more so we can so we can undertand

Exploring Obesity

5th October 2015

Another day and another report on obesity. Or so it would seem.  National bodies, NGO’s, charities, consultancies and the World Health Organization have all been producing reports for the past couple of decades showing the alarming growth in obesity and saying something must be done. So why are we undertaking more research? Surely the case

Blog series: Establishing healthy eating habits with your child

21st September 2015

Eating habits are established early in life and form the eating behaviours that children carry forward into adolescent and adult years. It is never too early to start helping your child understand that healthy eating is part of normal healthy lifestyle. Positive role modelling as parents is very powerful, as children learn by copying behaviours.

Blog series: Encouraging Active play and sport

9th September 2015

Today is National Fitness Day which is a great time to talk about encouraging your child to be active in their play. Taking children to the park or encouraging games in the garden gives them the opportunity to learn new skills and coordination, as well as building strong muscles and bones. Reducing screen-time is another