Blog series: Understanding portion sizes for children

14th September 2015

Today, let’s take a look at the guidance on what is a portion size for different foods in each food group and how to achieve the right balance between the food groups. The Eatwell Plate* helps to illustrate that proportionally carbohydrate foods are needed in the greatest amount, roughly 1/3 of total energy intake. This

Tips for Back to School lunchboxes

19th August 2015

As the summer holidays begin to reel in, and the new school term approaches; parents face the recurring challenge, what-to-pack-for-lunch. Most parents will agree that it often feels like a recurring nightmare: the battle for new food ideas, the worry of lunchboxes returning home untouched, balancing the foods you know your child will eat with

Want to live a healthy lifestyle – keep it simple!

3rd August 2015

We’re all used to hearing phases such as “balanced diet” and “healthy lifestyle” – but these phrases can mean different things to different people.  So, here are some general thoughts to help you, It’s all about maintaining a healthy appropriate weight by choosing food and drink which gives the calories (energy) and nutrients (protein, fat,